We are seeking investments in partnerships with families, entrepreneurs and management teams, who are attracted to patient, long-term capital partners who can assist the growth of their businesses. We feel this strongly departs from the prevailing private equity model of shorter holding periods and a reticence to invest in growth. We invest meaningful internal capital alongside like-minded partners. While we are largely industry agnostic, we are focused primarily on the financial services, logistics, business services, software, and industrials sectors. We are mainly focused on identifying partnerships with management teams in businesses riding long-term secular growth tailwinds.

Fusion Transport Holdings

In 2019, Hudson Hill acquired two independent, family-owned third-party logistics businesses, focused on the less-than-truckload (“LTL”) market. Global Transportation and Logistics (“GTLi”) operates an asset-light nationwide retail consolidation network that ships into the distribution centers of the largest North American retailers – Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree. AmTrans operates an “asset-right” brokerage and intermodal carrier business, servicing freight forwarders, LTL, and full truckload customers. Combining these businesses creates the foundation for a nationwide, asset-light LTL offering that will attack the incumbent asset-heavy LTL industry ($58B market, with significant top 11 company concentration) with better service metrics and lower costs. Both GTLi and AmTrans operators remain substantial owners of the combined business. We feel strongly this is a solid starting point to build a significant platform, in partnership with management, over the next several years.


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